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The Services Offered in Our School

Special Education: The education, which is carried out in order to meet the educational requirements of the individuals developing differently and that is suitable for their handicaps and personal characteristics with the help of the specially and well trained staff, improved programs and methods, is called special education.

The programs carried out at the Special Education School and Rehabilitation Center are given below:

  1. INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION: It is an educational model carried out with the help of the schedules and materials, prepared according to the characteristics of an individual and where the educator and the individual of special need work as one-to-one in the circumstances of no stimulant.

  2. EDUCATION IN EARLY CHILDHOOD PERIOD: Early educational programs are the ones, which ensure the parents of the individuals developing differently becoming sufficient in their daily care and education and in the development of the child. With the early educational programs, which have an important place in the education of the individuals developing differently, speeding up the development of the children is possible.

  3. PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION:  These are the programs, which are arranged with the target of making the children between 3-5 years of age and who cannot continue to the normal pre-school program, ready to  the integration, and in which  the social and self- care abilities are also supported beside academic abilities.
  1. PRIMARY EDUCATION PROGRAM: These are the programs set up by applying a level test where they receive full day service, to our children who have reached the primary school age but are not able to attend the formal training due to their special needs. Reading-writing, academic skills, social rules and social skills are also supported within the scope of this program.
  1. GROUP EDUCATION: Group education program are the programs that, within their scope, beside the academic skills, support various other social skills such as; creativity, sharing-cooperation, learning of the basic social rules, daily living skills and transferring these skills to the daily life.
  1. VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS: These are the programs, which aim at gaining the independence of the adults in need of special training and have already received their training of basic skills, and at being a productive  individual and appreciating their spare times with appropriate activities.
  1. PHYSIOTHERAPY PROGRAM: These are the programs, which have been prepared in the direction of the increasing and improving the muscular force, gaining balance and coordination, with the help of exercisers and exercises, of the individuals who are physically inadequate for some reason.
  1. TRAINING OF FAMILIES: The aims of the training programs held at the Special Education School and Rehabilitation Center of SEF, are enumerated as given here below:
  • To educationally support the families in accepting their children together with their existing characteristics,
  • To inform about the handicap groups and their characteristics, and to inform about child’s mental, emotional, social, physical and language needs and other educational requirements,
  • Through training families in setting up healthy and effective relationship with their children, to raise their awareness about the priority needs of their children and direct them in meeting those needs and about what kind of arrangements they can make, in this regard, within house circumstances,
  • To inform the families about how they can notice the problems of their children depending upon the developmental characteristics of them and about how they can cope with the said problems,
  • To train the mother and father to be active members of a team for the process of special education,
  • To train families to gain the habit of rewarding their children’s acceptable behavior and not criticizing their unsuitable behaviors.
  • To train mothers and fathers on how to observe the behaviors of their children at natural circumstances, during the happening stage of these behaviors, and on how to evaluate these behaviors.
  1. IN SERVICE TRAINING: The aim of the in- service training is to get the newly attending educators adapted as soon as possible, procure the existing educators’ knowledge updated at all times and ensure them to have access to the up to date knowledge and information, faster.

Our in-service programs are arranged as regularly and on particular days of the week with the attendance of all the staff. These educational programs that are arranged as such, are given to the staff of the institution after necessary researches are conducted by the expert personnel of our institution in Turkey and in the world and following their adaptations to our School’s conditions.    

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