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Our Commitees  

The Committees are comprised by the individuals who are volunteers and have ability to work in this committee, and who adopt the mission and vision of the foundation.

Those people who wish to take duties and responsibilities in the committee, should apply to the general management of the foundation and mention which of the committees they tend to carry out duties with a list of priorities. 

Those volunteers, whom no inconvenience is seen by the general management and decided upon to be accepted  to the committee, are issued, against their signatures, their duties, working areas and the limits of their authority.

Our Committees and their areas of responsibility are as follows:

Communications and Public relations Committee:

-To continually raise awareness of the public at all platforms in connection with the Foundation and its activities.

-To exchange information and documents with the foundations, associations, institutions and establishments, which are engaged in similar kinds of activities either within the country or abroad and procure the direct of the obtained data to research and development section to be established within the foundation.

-To ensure a regular flow of information to the foundation through following up the institutions that are engaged in the activities related to the ones of the foundation and their publications published regularly and by realizing the membership procedures of those institutions seen appropriate by the foundation.

-To prepare and publish the informing leaflets related to the activities of the foundation, the documents and similar publications informing the developments of children and the relevant families, in coordination with the general management and in collaboration with the School administration, after getting the approval from the coordination committee (the publications editorial board will be an esteemed commission constituted by academicians and experts).

-To contribute to the preparation of a three- monthly regular bulletin that informs the public and families about the foundationís activities in coordination with the general management (Special Education foundationís Bulletin).

-To arrange questionnaires with the purpose of determining the wishes of the families and expectations from the foundation or confirming the public awareness about the foundationís activities. To enable taking necessary measures through evaluation of the results of those questionnaires and submitting them to the information and approval of the General Manager.

Social Activities Committee:

-With the purpose of contributing to the objectives of the foundation, procuring the solidarity among families, giving meaningful messages to the public, to organize all kinds of social and cultural meetings and procure their de-facto performances.

-To carry out, in coordination with the school administration, the schoolís planned activities to take place within the structure of the foundation.

-To plan and perform social activities aiming at the families and their children, who have been taking educational and rehabilitation services from the school, in coordination with the General Manager of the Foundation.

-To plan and perform charity bazaar type activities, in coordination with the General Manager of the Foundation, for the purpose of creating opportunities of contribution to the revenues of the foundation.

-With the purpose of socializing, with their coevals, of our children, who have been obtaining educational and rehabilitation services within the structure of the school, to organize summer camps, child clubs and similar activities, and carry out and perform all kinds of coordination with the school administration and the General Manager of the Foundation.

-By setting up necessary communication with the families and also by getting necessary support from the relevant committees, to determine the possible activities to be done and to pre-plan these kinds of activities in the direction of at least 6-monthly planning segments, and to bring this plan into force and procure its implementation after the final coordination carried out with the General Manager.

Committee of the Development of Education and Training Services:

Under the administration of the counselor of the school, by taking the school administration into its structure, the committee will analyze the data obtained after questioning the functioning of the centre and by acting with the philosophy of continual improvement and enhancement of the activities related to the centre, will also bring all the developments in the said regard to the information of the General Manager, and thereby all the parts that have gone wrong will be followed up and provided.

The educational system to be performed will be set up with adequate amount of experts required by the committee and at every stage expertise views will be consulted thereby the system will continually be questioned.

Through examining the systems of similar institutions, the orientation of the most appropriate model will be adapted to the conditions of our country.

The committee will continually follow up the availability of the educational auxiliary materials that support the education rendered by the center, will remove all the shortages, will follow up the new technologies and will never give rise to any problem or inconvenience.

-Preparing the biddings for additional equipment and building required in order to render effective and adequate education, and presenting those biddings to the General Manager of the Foundation.

-Presenting the personnel requirement and the relevant proposals of the center to the General Manager of the Foundation.

-Finding out the existing educational levels of all the staff (no matter whether or not they are salaried staff or volunteer personnel) currently employed within the structure of the foundation and procuring their improvement of the parts in need through preparing a plan in this regard. Using all the possible opportunities in training the personnel. Planning and implementing in service courses.

-With the purpose of keeping up the awareness at adequate level, in the subject of special education, of all the segments of the society, to plan all kinds of scientific studies and researches and implement them in coordination with the General Manager of the Foundation.

Transparency Committee:

-The transparency committee is comprised by the volunteers, who have authority to control every stage of the activities that are suitable for the mission and vision of the foundation, who are able to perform the controlling, who are graduates from the Business Management and Administration departments of the universities, and who are known to be honest and righteous within the community.

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