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SEF Lottery Results
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The Solidarity Lottery organized by SPECIAL EDUCATION SCHOOL AND REHABILITATION CENTER was drawn on the 25th day of the month of February, Monday, in the presence of Ms. Sevgi KARAHÜSEYİN bearer of the TRNC ID of 132252 and Mr. Yılmaz ALTINIŞIK bearer of the TRNC ID of 221059, who were in the lottery commission; and the winning numbers are given as follows: 

1. A Motorcycle (500cc) And Of Suzuki Let 2- From Cap Servicing Ltd. :02643

2. One Washing Machine From Armar Electronics : 05953

3. One Water Dispenser From Değirmenlik’s Cooperative For Development : 00071

4. One Water Dispenser From Edip Electronics         : 00843

5. One Arzum Brand Microwave Oven From Edip Electronics: 00173

6. One Arzum Brand Blender From Edip Electronics :01963

7. One Bread Toaster Of Sinbo Brand From Ahmet Karal Trading:03177

8. One Grill For Sandwiches Of Sinbo Brand From Ahmet Karal Trading: 06513

9. One Ventilator :07600

10. One Receiver:,09321

11. One Oil Painting : 04711

12. One Chandelier From Izmir Electronics :08647

13. One Set Of Quilt Cover Set          :01376

14. Two Sconce From Çavuşoğlu Dowry House  :02101

15. One Wooden Tea Box: 05218

16. Two Person-Meal From Le Meyhane Restaurant :07632

17. One Wooden Jewellery Box: 06531



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