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        Prof. Kathleen Koenig, from Yale University of the US, and who had been invited to Cyprus, as a autism specialist, under the responsibility of and planning conducted by Keith Peterson (Public Affairs Officer) from the US Embassy of Cyprus, passed her working day at the Special Education School and rehabilitation Center in the direction of planning that had been completed by SEF.   According to the information obtained from Mr. Ersin GÖRSAY, the Founder President and General Director, the invitation plan for such a visit had been done in collaboration with Prof. Kathleen in April and she then accepted the proposed visit and the university professor kindly spent a whole working day at SEF. Within this scope, a very important opportunity of consultation regarding a number of 10 individuals with autism has been caught by the practitioner of SEF and its educators, as well.

In this process, following the evaluation made on the status our students, the programs carried out by SEF were shared with the company of the families and Professor Kathleen.

Prof. Kathleen, who was happy with experiencing the sharing of such a program, expressed her thanks to SEF and its system. Mr. Ersin GÖRSAY, the General Director of the Special Education Foundation thanked Prof. Kathleen for her contribution to the self confidence of SEF by presenting her various gifts such as a hand-made wooden tray prepared by the special students and an advertisement brochure of the school.

Mr. GÖRSAY,  in his evaluation, mentioned that SEF has had plans for international accreditation and added that such plans have always been the steps for that target, and he underlined the point that talking about such studies carried out, by them in collaboration of the families concerned, in the self confident and open manner, has been an important virtue.


General Director of the Foundation



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