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Contribution of the young Professionals to SEF
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      The income obtained through the night of aid organized, on 28/10/1010, for the benefit of the TRNC Special Education Foundation (SEF) by the young professional attached to  the Chamber of Industry, has been presented by the Chairperson Özge ÖZLER, during her visit, to the General Director of Foundation, Mr. Ersin GÖRSAY. At his speech made during the visit, Mr. Ersin GÖRSAY, the Foundation’s General Director, pointed out that it was the first time they had been invited to and been present at such organization, and he also stated that, they had not been able to organize such kind of activities due to the fact that they had to allocate almost all their times to the education and rehabilitation.  Mr. Cenkay İNAN, the Head of Social Responsibility Project, Ms. Verda EMİNAĞA and Mr. İsmail YILMAZ, who are young professionals, and Mr. Ali ÇIRALI, Chairman of the Chamber of Industry, have all participated in the visit. 



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