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The Platform of Social responsibility

The “Telsim Club” project, which procures discount and advantages and also presents the opportunity for those people wishing to make donations to the Social Responsibility project, has been introduced to the media. The authorities of the Orthopedic Handicapped Association, Aid for Cancer Patients Association and Special Education Foundation, which all  constitute  the Social Responsibility Platform together with TRNC Telsim,  have had a press meeting at Golden Tulip Hotel in Nicosia.

At the press meeting, Mr. Ahmet ULUBAY, who was the first speaker, stated that the globalization process and information technologies tended to make the world smaller but on the other hand it tended to increase the necessities. He also explained that they had tried to ease the lives of people and the company’s subscribers’ need in parallel. Explaining that the starting point of the Telsim Club was this, Mr. Ulubay stated that the members of Telsim had been benefiting from the campaigns existing at around 130 retail selling spots established by the 80 firms and in due course of the purchasing, these people could contribute, as much as they wish to make, to the Social Responsibility project through those spots. Stating that their mission in this project was to act with the duty of intermediacy and to try to give necessary support to the studies of the members of the Social responsibility project, Mr. Ulubay thanked Ali Erdu, who has been their partner in the project  and the Chairman of Cyprus Tourism Company, for his support and procurement of such organization. 

Mr. Ulubay, who gave information regarding the functioning of the campaign, explained that the privileges could be made use by a Telsim subscriber, who made shopping from the member business work places through sending blank messages to the 2020 and presenting the returned code to the cashier.

Stating that, when a code returned to the subscriber is not used in the shopping, it would keep its validity for 3 hours period, but when shopping is done by using the code, an SMS required to be sent to the number of 2020 for the next shopping,   Mr. Ulubay mentioned that the price for each SMS would have the cost of TL 0.150. Mr. Ulubay added that they established the infrastructure enabling the opportunity, in case if the subscribers wish, of donating the amount of discount that they had previously received from the member work places to the Social Responsibility Platform. 



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